Welcome to the Internet facilities offered
by the Bamberg municipal archives

The Bamberg municipal archives in the former surgical pavilionNot only will you find general information here about the municipal archives, but also about other services we offer. Furthermore it is possible to learn about the current projects of the municipal archives--including events and exhibitions taking place at present and at future--and about or publications and many other things. A great deal of valuable and interesting information is available about our premises for example, or the legal basis to our work.

Bamberg municipal archives regards itself not only as a documentation center (to act as the "memory of the administration and the citizenship") but also as a source for research into the history of Bamberg and its associated institutions. Literature, photographs, films, posters and other material relating to present Bamberg are kept here, too. The documents (which date back as far as the thirteenth century) and the archival collections of contemporary documents which are being constantly extended, are available (within the existing regulations) to everyone interested in Bamberg past and present. We can also provide answers to questions which cover a wide sphere, including topics related to science, local and natural history, education, commerce and genealogy. As we regard ourselves as a public service institution, we wish to provide a further information source through our internet facilities in addition to our publications, exhibitions and lectures.

We should be pleased to receive your comments, suggestions for improvements and possibly a word of approval.

We regret that this is the only page available in English at present. At least, we tried to translate the main headings (with the German expressions in brackets), so that you can understand when navigating through the German parts of this site.


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